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The Push button Timer will control any electrical appliance.

This includes the control of solenoid valves, and therefore water and gas flow for the use of Push button:

  • Showers
  • Barbecues
  • Air-conditioning
  • Space heaters
  • Car wash bays
  • Lights
  • Sauna
  • High pressure cleaners etc.

All these and many more can be controlled, thereby saving money and minimising waste of water, energy.


The timer works on 240 or 12 volts, it has an adjustable “ON” time, and an adjustable “OFF” time. The unit is double insulated, with an ability to have the touch pad remote from the timer itself for security purpose.

Downloadable Files


Technical - Available Range

PBC60 Series Push Button Control - push button control unit, electronics and setting adjusters. Additionally a solenoid valve
must be used.
PBC61 Series Push Button Control - control showers with sealed battery and electronics, fitted between the wall and the shower rose.

Downloadable Files

Push Button Shower Control banner

Shower Push Button Control (PBC60)

model PBC60Suitable for BBQ, shower and air conditioning control. Timer with adjustable "on" period and "off" period, enforces an "off" period to encourage reduced water/power use.

Retrofit Push Button Shower (PBC61)

model PBC61Now you can have the functionality of the PBC 60 and it fits between the shower rose and the wall. No electrician or plumber required.

Shower with timer

PBC61 on shower

BBQ Push Button Control (PBC60)