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Abberfield water dispensers can offer a variety of options, payment methods and water supply volumes, from small scale (low flow) water distribution to the filling of tankers.


The list of applications for this technology is extensive, including:

  • Water distribution for tanker filling and public water collection, to provide -
    • Potable water supply to urban and rural properties   
    • Recreational pool / spa filling or top up
    • Irrigation / dam filling or top up
    • Construction industries, such as dust suppression and filling of drinking water stations
  • Recreation vehicle water filling for -
    • Motor homes and caravans
    • Boats at marinas
  • Bulk water for -
    • Ships / tankers
  • Wash-down facilities for -
    • Vehicles to remove weed seeds, soil and other foreign matter from vehicles and machines
    • Abattoirs and sale yards
    • Boats at boat ramps
    • Horses / horse floats at arenas and showgrounds
    • Small planes at aerodromes

Water Supply Options

Supply of water can either be potable (drinking water) from mains water or be connected to recycled or stormwater harvesting / reuse systems.

Water dispensing pipe sizes range from 100mm, 80mm, 50mm, 25mm.

Full diagnostic reporting of water consumption and audit data is also available.

Water dispensing unit setup can enable payment bypass for emergency services.

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 Payment Methods

A variety of payment methods can be used to suit customers’ needs:

  • Credit Card - Visa, MasterCard and debit cards
  • Account Card - Allows access to water dispensing with subsequent billing for water consumed
  • Stored Value Card - Involving uploading of credit to the stored value card
  • Token payment - Either customised or standard Abberfield tokens
  • Coin payment - All coin denominations

Power Options

  • Mains only
  • Mains with battery backup
  • Solar only
  • Solar with mains back up

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Downloadable Files


Downloadable Files

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