Brookvale, Sydney based manufacturer has three positions for fulfillment by one gifted technician/engineer or by two or three or more specialists:

  • Customer Relations
  • Production Development Engineer
  • Field Service Engineer

Abberfield Technology manufacture world best practice Water Filling Stations, now set for dramatic expansion.


By Credit or Debit or Account card, water for rural communities can be purchased anywhere at any time, in any amount (subject to user restrictions).


The drought plus latest technology and visionary commitment combined to make available, and in great demand, a range of Water Filling Stations.

  • To dispense drinking water, recycled water, bore water, irrigation water, any water.
  • For commercial water carters, dust suppression, farm tankers, rural households, general public use, and for recreational vehicles filling.
  • Proven through years of testing in every state.

Abberfield seek key persons to maintain the reputation of quality first, giving extraordinary long operating life of the company’s unique product.

A family business, Abberfield seek committed, practical, customer focused multi skilled, self-motivated communicators and operators.


Opening exist for:

  • Customer Relations Staff, to advise and quote customers and lyase with the production team, as well as supporting senior Management.
  • Production Development Engineer, providing technical assistance to organize and help manufacture the equipment, covering mechanical engineering, sheet metal fabrication, electronic assembly, service, and IT support.
  • Field Service Engineer, travelling throughout the Eastern states in an Abberfield mobile support vehicle, providing field maintenance and service. May be part factory and part field service; on a part time, or as needed basis.

Positions are for full time, part time regular employment, or sub-contracts.

Good salaries, commensurate with skills and results, with opportunities for advancement and some share profit rewards.

Age is no barrier, youth training available, but only to the seriously committed.



The Manager

Abberfield Technology Pty Ltd

Telephone:   (02) 9939 2844

Email:     This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Postal Address:    32 Cross Street   Brookvale, Sydney Australia 2100


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