Change machines are manufactures to meet many different applications particularly those not well covered by other brands. Examples include:

  • Extreme high security machines for outdoor, unattended use
  • Low security, low cost applications
  • Coin to coin only
  • Note and coin to coin
  • Token vending
  • Optional receipt of transaction
  • Purpose built machines or housings, toll road machines etc.
  • Transaction log of every event

Product Specifications

These machines can be presented in medium security, high security and extreme security housings, plus weather proof housings.

Whilst this range is standard, further specialisation is possible due to the plug in module concept employed with Abberfield’s designs. In this way varying equipment functionality is readily obtained.

Customised housings are also available.

Components used in Abberfield’s change machines are purpose built. Abberfield produce their own note and coin validators, universal coin or token dispensers, tube coin dispersers, tower coin dispensers.


Technical Specifications

Change machines by Abberfield use purpose built plug in modules. These are easily exchanged and serviced. These are no exposed electronics or delicate mechanical parts to be accidentally broken.

Abberfield Industries was awarded the Australian Technology Showcase award for this concept.