Technical staff provide advice on equipment purchase options, to ensure the best fitness for purpose of any purchase decision.

Please review the extensive internet application and technical data to appreciate the scope of options available;  avalible on Abberfields website under the product type

For example:

         Abberfield’s Water Filling Stations (WD3000, WD3000N, WD2500, WD2500N, WD1000)  are avalible underWater Dispensing, OR

         Abberfield’s Coin and Token Timer Range (CT10F, CT10MD, CE10F, CE10MD, WD10T, WD10) are avalible under Coin Timers.

Or just email ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via Contact us), better still telephone (+61 (0)2 9939 2844) to discuss your requirement, so that our team can recommend the most cost-effective means of achieving the best functional outcome. Team members have decades of experience and passing on their knowledge comes at no extra cost.



Technical manuals for all machines are avalible on Abberfields website under the product type


Technical support is freely available, to assist with installation, enquires, diagnose site issues. By phone our technical team (+61 (0)2 9939 2844) or email ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via Contact us), our engineers can answer queries and often avoid the cost of unnecessary site service visits or return to factory repair.


Should Repairs be required then the benefit of Abberfield’s modular component design will soon be apparent.

Throughout the whole product range, the working “heart” of the equipment can easily be removed and returned to Abberfield for service. This will leave the cabinet installed, allowing it to be secured and placed “out of order”. Neat, secure and safe with minimal inconvenience and cost. This modular construction allows for simple technical support to all of Abberfield’s customers throughout Australia or internationally.

 Internal working modules are designed to be small and light, usually in moulded plastic housing, weighing less than 3kg, to minimise freight costs. Size and weight then allow for fast and economic, express post or courier delivery.

Abberfield will service all equipment produced, regardless of age or condition, but will not proceed with uneconomic repairs without customer’s consultation. Often the modular principle provides an upgrade path to later technology, by maintaining interchangeability of component parts. This can be a more economical alternative to complete equipment replacement.


 In the event that repairs / servicing by Abberfield is required (either onsite or via a return to Factory), you can phone or email our technical team on via the details above.


Site Service

Although Abberfield’s products are designed to avoid the need for a qualified technician attending site, staff remain available to visit whenever needed.


Travelling Support

Primarily for Water Filling Station customers, Abberfield maintain a mobile showroom and service support vehicle. With complete machines in tow, for demonstration or delivery, Abberfield staff travel extensively throughout the Eastern states of Australia. Customers further west will be visited when the need or opportunity arises.

Purchasing an Abberfield product is to purchase pre-sale consultation and whole of life support. 

Please contact us to arrange a visit (within Australia).



Standard warranty is 12 months. For larger products (example Water Filling Stations) Partnership Agreements can extend warranties, typically to three years (details on application).