Coin timers enable facility managers to remotely charge for and regulate the use of their facilities / resources.

Abberfield coin timers:

  • Put owners / managers in charge of their facility
  • Create income
  • Allow for charging prior to use
  • Help preserve our environment
  • Are user friendly
  • Allow selection and setting time of use
  • Have the option to display time remaining
  • Are operated by tokens or coins


Abberfield Coin Operated Time Switches are used to control the provision of facilities.

The insertion of a coin, switches an electrical circuit that will either control the appliance directly (such as washing machines) or turn on utilities such as lights, gas or water (flood lighting, barbeque or showers).

Typical applications include:

  • Public showers (controlling total water supply or limiting supply of hot water)
  • Flood light control (playing fields)
  • Tennis court and squash court lighting
  • Laundry Equipment (washing machines, clothes dryers etc.)
  • Barbeques / stoves (gas or electric)
  • Air conditioners
  • Electric irons and hair dryers
  • Pressure and stream cleaners
  • Car wash and vacuum cleaners

Abberfield floodlight control


Product Specifications

Abberfield coin timers cater to a range of payment and installation options.

  • The 10 series are designed to mount on a wall or appliance surface
  • The 20 series are designed to build into a machine or into the wall housing
  • The 22 series is for multi-denominational use

For each of these series this is a wide range of variations or accessories to better cater for particular needs, such as weather hoods, stainless steel covers in wet areas and ‘time remaining’ displays.


Technical Specifications

Abberfield Coin Timer technical support literature is generally indexed by the equipment model number.
Information provided is intended for installation and service, but usually includes expanded specification.

Series 10 Coin Timers (designed to mount on a wall or appliance surface)


Coin timers model CT22Fl and CT10F 2


Series 20 Coin Timers (designed to build into a machine or into the wall housing)


Series 22 Coin Timers (for multi-denominational use)


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