Coin equipment by Abberfield has been designed to meet market needs not satisfied by other brands.

Abberfield has a wide range of coin systems with varying features, including external control functions (mains operated, multiple relay outputs etc).

Application specific software (photo copy, vending, car park boom gate control etc).

Coin Validator Housing

Available housing options:

  • AO housing – front entry wall mount with cashbox below
  • WMRE – high security through wall mount housing with rear access to cashbox. For stud walls a WMRE B is used
  • PM – panel mount – built into a panel
  • Free standing – ranging from low to high security



Product Specifications

Unlike other equipment Abberfield coin acceptors incorporates facia artwork for clear operator instructions.

Technical instructions are also permanently attached to the coin controller.

Abberfield’s Coin Validators have enclosed electronics which continue to operate in wet and humid environments.

The working parts are generally plug connected and easily removed for service.

Unlike other coin systems, Abberfield’s products include application specific functionality. This varies between models but some are effectively coin validator / controllers.

Most models operate on 12 volts or 240 volts, some have up to 8 relay outputs and 8 electrically isolated inputs.

Some models allow application specific software and the Validator/ controller is then available for:

  • Coin photo copy machine control
  • Car parking boom gate control
  • Vending machines control
  • Coin validation only function Downloadable Files  



Technical Specifications

CS10 coin validator -  Simple, reliable mechanical checking of coins.

Series 20 refers to those units of open construction, for building into equipment and incorporating front coin entry 

CS20 mechanical coin validator  

CS20F electronic coin validator

C22 series electronic, Multi denominational with coin time remaining LED display