Self serve transportation ticketing vending machines that use modular components are easy to configure to meet specific operations.

Since 1985 Abberfield Industries have built transportation ticketing systems.

During the mid 90’s many projects were trialled or installed around the world, including UK, Ireland, Malaysia and the Cook Islands. Many other countries were under negotiations but in the late 90’s the company policy on supporting enquires charged from active promotion to a greater emphasis on cost recovery projects.

Whilst supporting European ventures the Abberfield group included a wholly owned United Kingdom company, Abberfield Europe, employing 10 staff. UK premises are maintained against future need.

Abberfield welcomes enquires for transportation ticketing systems on a customer funded design and build basis.

A large range of standard products and component parts developed over the years allows many projects to be “off the shelf” designs. For all other projects, Abberfield Industries employs a full team of design engineers.

Design & Build

Transportation Ticketing Systems can be purpose built to suit customers specific needs, either as a wholly Abberfield project or in collaboration with other equipment suppliers.

Abberfield’s in house engineering team covers mechanics, electronics and software expertise, plus a modelling department.

Production includes electronics, computer aided engineering, toolroom, moulded plastics, metal fabrication and powder coating.

Designs of equipment usually include the integration of Abberfield’s standard modules such as coin and note validators, magnetic card readers, ticket dispensers etc. For further details on Abberfield modules, refer to the cards and ticketing modules section of this site.

Modules are usually mounted into one of Abberfield’s range of secure vandal proof housing.

Whilst Abberfiled are primarily design and manufacturers; the company has had much experience in installation and maintenance of transportation ticketing systems.

Past Projects