Note validators otherwise known as note acceptors, note readers or note scanners, check the validity of notes inserted before physically accepting or rejecting the note inserted and allowing the paid for function to operate.

Note validators produced by Abberfield were designed to suit the companies range of machines; including car parking, transportation ticketing and vending machines.

They have special features that set them apart from other brands. Those features may be of value to other manufactures and Abberfield offer the product to the general market. Abberfield also maintains a Research and Development service to facilitate changes to interfacing hardware or software when needed.


Product Specifications

The NV40 note validator is the foundation of a range of note handling equipment.

Still in development is the note stacker, which is intended to be available with a mechanical or a software releasing locking system.

The Abberfield note validator is functionally different to others in that:

  • The note validator can plug directly into a cradle with a self aligning plug / socket
  • Cleaning of jammed notes is as simple as releasing the catch and withdrawing the motor drive module, totally splitting the note delivery path
  • There are no drive belts or similar consumerables
  • Chosen notes can be eliminated in either software but more usually by operating validate / eliminate switches, one for each denomination
  • The note mouth piece facilitates easy note insertion