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(material embossing grade brass, nickel plated)

Abberfield Holdings

Diameter 22.6mm, thickness 2.2mm

Abberfield Industries

Diameter 27mm, thickness 2.2mm

Abberfield Technology

Diameter 30mm, thickness 2.4mm


These three sizes of tokens can be embossed with customer specific artwork. This is usually on one side only with the generic TOKEN symbol on the reverse, but some customers have both sides embossed.


Tokens can be produced from different materials, such as aluminium, steel or bronze.

The plated finished is normally nickel, but for ease of recognition it can be cadmium, brass or paint finished. These three token diameters can also be made in different thicknesses. Different sizes are available, although care should be taken to avoid sizes of currency coins.

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Abberfield Standard Tokens

Abberfield Standard Tokens

Custom & Special Tokens

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