Below are are few media released related to our Water Dispensing Products

 3 new water filling stations enable 24/7 access to bulk drinking water in Goondiwindi region - “will mean 24/7 access to affordable bulk drinking water for visitors and rural residents in the Goondiwindi region….. to replace the previous manually operated standpipes. When the region is drought-declared, eligible rural residents will be able to access the water at the same rate as town residents pay for their reticulated supply. Visitors will pay a slightly higher fee per kilolitre.
Cr Rick Kearney, who holds Council’s portfolio for water services, said the stations would both streamline access to clean drinking water for rural residents and provide additional revenue to Council from visitors.
“The region has had some wonderful rain recently and we’re all set for the visitor season ahead,” Cr Kearney said. “We’ve already seen many campers and caravanners flock to popular sites like Coolmunda Dam and the Dumaresq River Rest area, and the availability of easily-accessible drinking water will further support the region’s tourism.
“This is giving visitors yet another reason to stop, spend some money in town and maybe stay another night, while also creating an additional revenue stream for Council.””

Source: Goondiwindi Regional Council, April 23rd 2021


Pioneering payment system for water stations - "Water filling stations established to assist rural households in the Armidale region Local Government Area are set to become a national pilot for a new system to ensure the facilities properly target the people they are designed to assist……… The system would enable better monitoring of who and how often people are accessing the stations, which were installed in Armidale and Guyra to help rural residents who were running out of domestic water supplies because of the ongoing drought.
The registration and preapproval of cards will prevent a repeat of apparent misuse of the filling station service that occurred last year, when the stations were believed to have been used by people from outside the local government area, Armidale region town residents using the water for non-approved uses under ongoing water restrictions and rural residents accessing more than the approved amounts.

Source: Mirage.News, May 1 2020


Have you used the new water refill station? - “Rous County Council (RCC) told The Lismore App that the new North Lismore public water refill station was used between 20 to 30 times per day until the rainy weekend last weekend - and the frequency was increasing.
For domestic use only, it’s one of two new public stations being built by the local water authority to alleviate the time delays of having a water carter bring drinking water to your water tank.
Rous County Council General Manager, Phillip Rudd said that with a dry outlook for the rest of summer, “it’s vital that we do what we can to ensure people whose tanks are running dry have reliable and easier access to safe drinking water”….. The new Lismore public fill station is open to the public 24 hours a day and water can be purchased with a credit card and costs $5.75 per 1,000 litres.
No licence or account is required for their operation.
Customers are required to bring their own container and ensure it is clean, of food grade quality and is only used for the collection and storage of water.”

Source: Lismore App, January 24rd 2020


Full-time water carting date announced - "Southern Downs Regional Council today announced that full-time water carting to supply water to Stanthorpe and surrounds ….. Emergency water restrictions of 80L per person per day came into effect on Thursday 19 December 2019 when Council commenced partial water carting".   

Source: Southern Downs Regional Council, January 2 2020


Southern Downs Regional Council conducted a Emergency Water Carting Infrastructure route and schedule full scale trial for water supply to Stanthorpe - See video. 


 New card system endorsed for filling stations - “A new water fill station for use by the public has been installed by Rous County Council in response to intense drought conditions causing an increase in demand for water carters and delays in supply. Located in North Lismore …. the fill station is now ready for domestic use only as it will not be available to commercial operators”.

Source: Rous County Council, 24 December 2019


Bangalow offers new public water filling station -“Rous County Council has installed a new public water filling station in Bangalow’s Industrial Estate to support the overwhelming demand in the local area.……. Many residents are on long waiting lists as water carters struggle to cater”.

Source: NBN New - Northern Rivers News, December 22, 2019


New card system endorsed for filling stations - “A new verification and payment process is proposed for two water filling stations established to help rural households during the drought, with the altered system designed to ensure the facilities are used responsibly and by the people they are intended to assist......... Yesterday’s Ordinary Council meeting endorsed the introduction of Water Access Cards (WACs) for the filling stations at the Armidale Arboretum and McKie Parkway in Guyra”.

Source: Armidale Council, 24 October 2019


Water dispensing station at Mother of Ducks - “With the Malpas Dam pipeline now fully operational there is some good news for rural residents who are on a waiting list for water deliveries. An automated water station at the Mother of Ducks Lagoon is now operational, enabling residents not connected to the town water supplies to purchase water.”

Source: Guyra Gazette, 9 October, 2019


Water dispensing station opens at Arboretum - “ “We know there are a significant number of rural households that have run out of tank water and other onsite supplies and needed an emergency supply for use around the home until they could get a water delivery,” Armidale Regional Council Mayor Simon Murray said.
“That’s apparent from the waiting list for water carters and the number of people accessing the standpipes at our depots.
The new Arboretum station makes it much more convenient for residents to source water because it is accessible outside business hours and seven days a week,” Councillor Murray said.”

Source: Armidale Council, 20 September, 2019


New Bulk Water Dispensing Units for Narrabri Shire up and running - 'Narrabri Shire Council have commissioned four new bulk Water Dispensing Units in Pilliga, Gwabegar, Bellata and Baan Baa…………………… The Water Dispensing Units will enhance Council’s services in our remote towns and are capable of accepting payments at the bulk water rate via credit cards (Visa and Mastercard) on a continuous basis. Council’s Director Infrastructure Delivery Mr Darren Raeck described the units as a cost effective means of providing 24 hour access to bulk water for those affected by drought and those requiring large volumes of water on a regular basis'.

Source: Narrabri Shire Council Media release, 22 August 2019


Liverpool Plains water dispensing station now built in Quirindi - “Liverpool Plain Shire Council's (LPSC) water services manager Rod Batterham said the facility was designed to "drive in-and-out and no backing is required for larger vehicles"…..Simple payment options, via credit card, will be available 24/7….This investment is an invaluable asset, particularly during periods such as the current severe drought, to facilitate supply of water to people who desperately need it," Cr Hope said……The new outlet has the ability to facilitate vehicles of all sizes, from small cars to caravans, and provides two filling options - high volume and low volume flow”.

Source: Northern Daily Leader, 9 July, 2019

Water Dispensing Stations Now Being Installed-“Green Water Dispensing Stations are being installed at Tambar Springs, Mullaley, Curlewis and Gunnedah as part of measures to help Gunnedah Shire residents through the drought. Funded through the federal government’s Drought Communities Programme (DCP) the water dispensing stations will allow residents to obtain water via either a 50mm camlock outlet or a 25mm hose outlet. The user-pays system can be accessed either with a credit card or an account card that can be obtained from Gunnedah Shire Council. The water stations are being installed to help residents who are facing emergency water situations or are temporarily without water…..”

Source: Gunnedah Shire Council website media release, 20 June, 2019


Liverpool Plains shire residents will soon be able to use a new water dispensing outlet located in Quirindi - 'This investment is an invaluable asset, particularly during periods such as the current severe drought, to facilitate supply of water to people who desperately need it'.

Source: Northern Daily Leader, July 9 2019


Quirindi water dispensing station to employ local contractors -“The water station will be accessible around the clock when construction is complete at the Dragon Street site. It will replace the existing bulk fill water station”.

Source: Namoi Valley Independent, 17 April 2019


New water dispensing station for Quirindi - 'Mayor of Liverpool Plains Shire Council, Councillor Andrew Hope, said "the community is very pleased to receive the funding that will be an invaluable asset, particularly during periods such as the current severe drought, to facilitate supply of water to people who desperately need replenishment whether on a small, domestic scale or via water cart. He said this project meshes well with other initiatives Council is progressing, designed to enhance water security now and importantly for future generations”'.

Source: 981 Power FM, 9 April 2019


Narrabri’s Million Dollar Drought Support - ‘Drought support for the Narrabri Shire Council area under the Drought Communities Programme (DCP) has hit the million-dollar mark, with more local projects receiving the tick of approval.
Member for Parkes Mark Coulton announced the funding from Narrabri today, and said it will provide far-reaching benefits for communities across the shire…………………………
Council will use further DCP funding to provide bulk water supply units in Pilliga, Gwabegar, Bellata and Baan Baa; hold free ‘Drought Stress Buster’ community events across the shire; deliver infrastructure improvements to the Narrabri Racecourse; and construct a community green space in Wee Waa (announced in February)’.
Source: The Hon Mark Coulton MP, Federal Member for Parkes, 29 March, 2019


New Bulk Water Dispensing Units for Narrabri Shire - “Narrabri Shire Council has recently been successful in receiving funding to install new Bulk Water Dispensing Units in Pilliga, Gwabegar, Bellata and Baan Baa. Council has obtained $150,000 through the Federal Government’s Drought Communities Programme which supports local community infrastructure and other drought relief projects for communities impacted by drought. The dispensing units have been supplied by Abberfield Technology Pty Ltd who are committed to providing fantastic services to rural communities”.

Source: Council Media release, 15 March 2019


Water filling stations, facilities at White Park and tennis court upgrades at Merriwa among projects granted drought funding - 'Water filling stations, a canteen and office for White Park and tennis court refurbishments at Merriwa are some of the projects now going ahead thanks to almost $1 million worth of funding.

The $738,000 funding injection is thanks to successful applications from Upper Hunter Shire Council to the Federal Government’s Drought Communities Program (DCP).

The DCP targets infrastructure and other projects that create employment stimulate local expenditure and build strong, resilient communities .…… funding will go towards a number of projects including:

-  Water filling stations for Scone and Merriwa enabling farmers and others to ‘fill up’ their pods and generally make water more accessible’.

Source: 981 Power FM  05 March 2019


Urbenville to get water dispensing station - Residents in Urbenville and surrounds will have easier access to bulk potable water with council approving a custom water dispensing station in the village….…Their drought water needs so far have been served by a visiting council worker metering out water from a tank over a hydrant, or by collecting it from Kyogle or Casino. "A longer-term solution will help many people," council's acting chief executive Andre Kompler said "The permanent installation will also support tourism efforts in the area, supplying water to vans and campers".

Source Tenterfield Star, 4 March 2019


Council’s Standpipe Success In Drought Communities Program -‘Gunnedah Shire Council’s application to the Federal Government’s Drought Communities Program to install …24-hour self-service water standpipes in Gunnedah, Mullaley, Tambar Springs and Curlewis …. “This project was identified as a priority for the local community, which continues to be adversely affected by drought. This permanent water infrastructure solution will not only benefit the Shire now through the current drought but will improve access to water for the community into the future,” Cr Hooke said’.

Source: Gunnedah Shire Council 6 February 2019 


Tamworth Regional Council to spend $350k of drought assistance money on water-filling stations - COUNCIL will soon install seven new bulk water filling stations around the region as it puts the $1 million federal government drought relief package to use.

New units, similar to one recently installed at Lockheed Street, will be placed in Attunga, Barraba, Bendemeer, Kootingal, Manilla, Nundle and Tamworth giving outer-lying residents improved access to bulk water.

Tamworth Regional Council will spend $350,000 on the purchase and installation of the units, which includes laying road pavement and concrete slabs at each new station………….Earlier this year, council installed seven standpipes through the region giving people free access to smaller volumes of water as part of its own drought relief initiative, but these stations will be metered with tap-and-go credit card payment capabilities’.

 Source: Northern Daily Leader 27 December 2018


Southern Downs Regional Council receives $1 million in drought relief funding - Communities around the Southern Downs will benefit from new infrastructure projects with Council securing $1 million in drought relief funding from the Federal Government.

The Federal Government’s Drought Communities Programme (DCP) approved funding for all five of the drought relief projects SDRC applied for during the latest round of DCP funding.

The projects will boost the economy and provide long-term benefits for local communities.

SDRC has allocated the funds towards the following projects:

$200,000 for 24-hour potable water dispensing stations around the region

The DCP funds infrastructure and drought relief projects that use local resources, businesses and suppliers to stimulate local community spending and provide long-lasting benefits to the community and their agricultural industries.

Southern Downs Mayor Tracy Dobie said the DCP funded projects will provide benefits across several sectors in the Southern Downs not only during the current drought but for future generations as well’.

Source: Southern Downs Regional Council January 2019


 Video News - New water filling stations Logan City

Source: youtube, Published on Aug 26, 2015 Logan City Council